ZooMax Gold

Fixed SID Integrated Veterinary System

The ZooMax Gold Veterinary Radiographic System is another option for veterinarians to choose from based on the types of examinations typically performed. Featuring a fixed tubestand with fixed SID and a four-way float top table, this system is perfect for Veterinarians who perform primarily straight projection exposures. All controls are located in the work area, which provides the convenient ability to position the patient, adjust parameters and take exposures at one location. Sophisticated, self-diagnostic capability and descriptive error messages allow for quick troubleshooting. The manual collimator with light beam and optional laser guided positioning system helps to place the patient quickly in the most accurate position for the x-ray exposure. The powerful rotating anode x-ray tube with dual focal spots and over-heat interlock provide for many years of trouble free operation.

ZooMax HF Veterinary Rad Generators

The powerful ZooMax HF generators are easy to use with basic knowledge of radiology thanks to preprogrammed APR. Just select one of the 12 APR settings, adjust the thickness and then the generator automatically corrects the exposure parameters. The generator can be installed in the table in order to save space.

Fixed SID Tube Stand Built Together with the Table

The FTSX tube stand is mounted onto the patient table creating a compact, easy to use X-ray work area. This fixed X-ray tube arrangement is perfect for straight exposures.

Veterinary Patient Table with 152 cm Table Top

The tabletop release switch controlled by a convenient foot pedal guarantees ”hands free” operation and placement of patient before and during the examination. Tabletop side rails provide durable anchors for restraining, which ensure the proper positioning and subduing of the patient during the procedure. Optional table extension offers an additional 30 cm working area when larger animals are examined. The x-ray tube freely rotates ±90º around the horizontal axis, allowing exposures from various angles.




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